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Created especially for THIS economy!

A 1-Day Course in Prosperity for Interior Designers

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The Path will teach you:

  • How to secure your financial future through design
  • The 35 words that will make work fun, fulfilling, and profitable
  • The 7 distinctions between a $30,000 and $300,000 earner
  • The 5 sources of self-sabotage that may be holding you back
  • How to stay profitable at any level of sales, in any economy
  • The skill you already have that can simplify your life
  • 19 marketing methods...and why you must choose only 3!
  • The 17 foundational principals you must never forget
  • How to transform your low-paying "job" into a wealth-building business

Forget everything you thought you knew because all the rules have changed.

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1-Day Course


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David Shepherd


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What designers are saying:

"David said one thing and I turned to my colleague and said, 'Now that just paid for the entire seminar!'"
              -Carolin Schebish

"I read every business book I can get my hands on...every best seller...and only David Shepherd offers the perspective I need for my design business."
              -Diana Walker

"My eyes were opened. It had been a struggle and I was ready to get smaller. David's advice empowered me. It was like divine intervention."
              -Debbie Baxter

"I don't just want advice, I want specific steps of exactly how to implement that advice. That's what David Shepherd does."
              -Corinne Brown