About Tikinagan

The People of Tikinagan Child and Family Services

Tikinagan Child and Family Services is a Native Children's Aid Society providing child welfare, child protection and child and family services to 30 First Nations in the western portion of the Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN), as well as Pickle Lake, Savant Lake and Allanwater. The communities served range from a few hundred to more than two thousand people; for much of the year most communities are accessible only by air.

Through agreements with a local Children's Aid Society, Tikinagan also provides services to Aboriginal children and families in the Sioux Lookout and Red Lake areas.

Tikinagan was created by the NAN Chiefs to provide culturally appropriate services in response to the unique needs of children and families and in ways that acknowledge Native culture and traditions, the concept of the extended family and the role of the Chief and Council.

A tikinagan is the traditional cradleboard used to keep infants safe and secure.

Maurice Brubacher

Maurice Brubacher has worked with Tikinagan since 1998, helping develop policies and procedures, programs, management systems and a unique Native service model, called Mamow Obiki-ahwahsoowin.

From his experience as Executive Director of Family and Children's Services in Guelph, Maurice has taught us about the Ontario child welfare system. At the same time, he has listened intently, visited our homes and learned about our culture. With his help, we have found better ways to bridge the gap between Toronto policies and the realities of life up north. We regard him as an honourary member of the Tikinagan family.

We are pleased that Maurice has chosen to tell the story of Tikinagan. He has written it as one of our own people, as the true ally that he has become. Meegewetch, Maurice, for all your work in service to our children.

Michael Hardy
Executive Director, Tikinagan Child and Family Services

"It sets the right example of what community engagement in child welfare can look like." Cindy Blackstock, Executive Director, First Nations Child and Family Caring Society of Canada


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